Deposit procedure

No deposit fee or fees item recovery.

DEPOSIT free ... BUY differently.
Tuesday to Friday from 13:30 to 17: appointment.

Free estimate of your assets (items, articles) and signing of the contract for a minimum of one month duration. Article decreases by 10% after one month of exposure and all following (max. 10 months) or you are free to recover after this first month.


35% commission for items above 100 euro.
40% commission for items below 100 euro.
Only 25 % commission for all Apple products and latest High Tech.


  • Deposits of large objects, furniture ... by appointment. It is strongly recommended to show a picture (via email or at our store).
  • Object Repositories accepted every afternoon during the week appointment  : Deposits of small decorative objects, lighting and frames dinner, small furniture, small and large electro, hi-tech, phones, screen tv, computers, tools, lighting, toys, valuables, antiques, vintage, militaria, music, sport.

A maximum of 12 different items per drop except for DVD, Blu-ray, video game, CD, book, vynil. The amount of the deposit is not limited.


Possibility of direct purchase (CASH) for comics, video games (PS4, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Wii, ...), Blu Ray, DVD, ...
Possibility of empty attic, contact us.